US Military Tactics In Vietnam

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Vietnam had been an important symbol for capitalism for the USA government with the fail of China in 1949 and the failure in Korea from 1950 - 1957 it was essential for the US that Vietnam maintained a capitalist presence and not lose Vietnam to communism. Since it would be a massive personal blow to the US government as well as the US authority around the world.

There are many arguments that US tactics were inefficiently used. To begin with they used heavy bombings which did damage North Vietnams supply routes the Ho Chi Mhin trail but it did not stop the trail which provided the Viet Congs with equipment and weapons from neighboring countries. It's an embarrassment that the US failed to stop countries such as Cambodia and Laos since the
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Initially, the US troops were professionally trained and were motivated to fight for their country. However, as the war went on the US needed more soldiers and they introduced conscription. Many were young, scared and with no experience on how to survive in jungles with heat and humid. Many wanted to go back home alive with no motivation to fight for their country. To solve this "problem" the army decided to have a 1-year policy which soon backfired as soon as the soldiers got any experience it was time to go back home. While on the other side Viet Congs were traditionally trained and were motivated to fight even more after casualties of their own people, unlike the American soldiers and did not have any policies that stopped…show more content…
In the first place, Viet Congs had already used the guerrilla tactics on the French and succeeded which was clearly a disadvantage for the American soldiers. The Viet Congs also did not wear any particular uniform which caused the American soldiers to kill many innocent people. Not to mention they were traditionally habitual to the jungles, unlike the American troops.

Although until 1960 s the Americans thought they were winning the war. This confidence was shattered in 1968. Where Viet Cong fighters attacked over 100 cities and tied down a larger US and South Vietnamese force in just 2 days.
Which caused the US to question their involvement in Vietnam.
Initially, Vietnam was to be the symbol of fighting communism it became a symbol defeat. Thousands of newspapers and television displayed the horrors of the war causing protests in the US. Most importantly My Lai massacre which killed approximately 504 innocent women, children, and men who were allegedly Viet Congs. This revelation shocked the whole world especially the US.

Additionally, Viet Congs were supported by other countries such as China, Russia, as well as neighboring countries near Vietnam that helped them transport supplies through the Ho Chi Minh trail, unlike the US who also lost the support of its own people and
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