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Military to Civilian Transition Some people do not understand the challenges that one might go through during their processing out of the military. A smooth transition from military to civilian lifestyle should require the individual to go through a class that discusses the differences between the lifestyles, how to get a civilian job, and financial preparations. They also might need additional assistance for any mental health issues they acquired during their time in service. It is important to take each transition seriously to help set the veteran up for success. Military members who are planning on transitioning should be required to go through necessary steps, classes and trainings prior to their discharge. One of the steps prior to their transition would be depending on if they did not deploy, if they did deploy, and if they were in combat. If additional help is necessary for the individual it would be easy to get assistance. Veterans who were in combat situation may experience PTSD, or were been wounded. Some transitions will be…show more content…
There is a lot to consider when a service member is deciding to end their military career. They need to have their finances in order, have their mental health evaluated if necessary, transition classes completed, and have a plan for after their transition to civilian. The way the military works is very different than the civilian side so people leave the military with a completely different mindset than when they joined. If a civilian has not served, nor been around those who have, they are unaware of the differences and the dramatic lifestyle changes the veteran will experience. A smooth transition from military to civilian lifestyle can require financial preparation assistance, career planning, and even mental health evaluations. This is to make sure the veteran is set up for success prior to their discharge from the

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