Essay On Milkman's Relationship With Pilate

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Fourth, Milkman’s relationship with his sisters mirrors Macon II’s relationship with Pilate. Both take the actions of their siblings for granted and in Milkman’s case he uses his sisters just as he uses everyone else in his life before his personal rebirth. Magdalene later confronts Milkman when he tells Macon II about First Corinthians relationship. However, Magdalene is disgusted and has a similar viewpoint as Guitar. Up to this point in his life Milkman has never helped a single soul and she does not trust him just like Guitar when he sees Milkman lift a crate for someone and assumes it is only for his personal gain because he has never helped anyone. Magdalene even confirms this view when she states “since when did you care…show more content…
Magdalene’s comparison parallels Milkman’s actions to how Macon II simply ruins the live of his tenants carelessly. Finally, Corinthians states that she and her sister will no longer create the artificial roses and allow milkman to benefit from their labor. This shows how her disdain for her brother motivates Magdalene to stand up for herself by cutting off a toxic relationship with her brother. It is also significant that the sisters create fake roses which symbolize the lack of love and false love within the dead household. And now that the production of fake roses has ceased so has the artificial love between her and her brother. Milkman also is motivated to change after Magdalene’s says “you have pissed your last in this house” and he states that “it was good advice…why not take it” (354). While Milkman does not completely transform after this exchange he still grows to become a better person in time and no longer exploits the labor of his
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