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pictorial and graphical design flourishes, mind mapping can make learning and teaching more vivid and thus can promote memory retention as well as enhance the motivation of the learners. When it comes to free form and unconstrained structure of mind mapping (Ying et al., 2014).
A mind map allows the user to record a great deal of information on one page, and to show relationships among various concepts and ideas. Visual presentation of ideas helps one to think about a subject in a global, holistic sense and increases mental flexibility. On a mind, map structures of the subject can be seen in a way that is not possible with linear outlines (Mento et al., 1999). A Mind Map is the easiest way to put information into your brain and to take information out of your brain – it is a creative and effective means of note taking that literally ‘maps out’ your thoughts. And it is so simple and to help plan and organize your life for maximum success, to come up with amazing, creative new ideas, and to absorb new facts and information effortlessly (Buzan, 2005). Mind mapping is a learning technique, which uses a non-linear approach to learning that forces the learner to think and explore concepts using visuospatial relationships flowing from a central theme to peripheral branches, which can be inter-related (Zipp, 2015).
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Thanks to the progress of technology, nowadays there is a chance to design mind maps by computers. Among the increasingly number of mind map software programs, we can mention some of them like, Free mind map, Buzan I mind map, personal brain, mind manager, x mind. It is a fact that there are some benefits of computer mind mapping over manual mind mapping (Hariri, 2013). The use of information and computer technology has enabled information mapping to be achieved with far greater ease. A plethora of software tools has been developed to meet various information mapping needs (Davies,

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