Essay On Mindset Diet

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This is not one of those ‘snake oil’ diets that will boost your energy, cure your ail- ments, protect you from cancer, keep heart disease at bay, improve your life love and ensure your happiness. The Mindset Diet is targeted directly and exclusively at weight loss. Though, of course, losing weight has health benefits.
The diet itself is no more or less healthy than the food you are eating right now, because it is based on the normal, everyday foods you buy and eat. The prob- lem with your diet probably isn 't the food. The problem is how you relate to it, and how you manage it. The problem is all in your mind.
The Mindset Diet is not a quick fix diet either. It has been proven time and again that quick-fix diets are counterproductive in the
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Everything else is interesting, but not essential. Most of what this diet talks about is what is in your mind, not what is in your food.
This diet isn 't even really about food. Food is not the problem for people who are trying to lose weight. This diet is about the brain. For people who are trying to lose weight, their own brain is the thing most hindering them. You need to under- stand the innate behavior, ‘hard-wired instincts’, and learned behavior, ‘habits’ that are leading to weight gain and, more importantly, you need to learn strategies to counteract these behaviors. That is what this book is really about.
The Mindset Diet doesn 't preach, or make you feel bad. If you are overweight, you are, in fact, normal. The truth is, in our modern world, it is completely normal and usual for a human to become overweight by following their normal eating pat- terns. We live in a time of plenty with no famines, and so the reserve of fat that our bodies naturally builds up just keeps building. It never gets used, because we are never forced to go hungry by a huge natural disaster. There is no such thing as
‘over eating’, it is actually physically impossible. This diet is not about making
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