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The early Ming Dynasty was a period of cultural restoration and expansion. Under a series of strong rulers, China extended its rule into Mongolia and Central Asia. The Ming even briefly conquered Vietnam, which after a thousand years of Chinese rule had reclaimed its independence following the collapse of the Tang dynasty in the tenth century”(Duiker 336) .The Ming dynasty also known as the Empire of the Great Ming was described as of the greatest and famous eras that bought stability in human history. Emperor Hongwu born Zhu Yuanzhang (1368 -1398) was the founder and first emperor of the Ming Dynasty of China despite his lowly birth as the son of a hired laborer from one of the poorest parts of China”(Menzies 45). In the middle of the 14th century, with famine, plagues, and peasant revolts sweeping across China, Zhu Yuanzhang rose to command the force…show more content…
The Ming Family ruled the dynasty between the years of 1368-1644; almost three hundred years later this dynasty has impacted the Chinese history so much. The Ming Dynasty was a strong empire they had the government, the strength of its military, and the economic system to back it. With the memory of the Mongols, the Ming was determined to protect their lands from the invasions.

The Ming dynasty was able to restore the respect for the Chinese traditions, seeking to stop all outside cultural influences. The Dynasty had a massive fleet ship and canon armed naval and over 3,000 ships created to have trade ship with the outsider world. Zhu Yuanzhang led most of the powerful armies that would later take over in control. He believed in supreme divinity and her was a firm believer of Confucianism. Among the characteristics of the Ming Dynasty there was a double in population, and increase in factory manufacturing output, among the return of traditional
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