Essay On Minimum Driving Age

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A great number of young lives are tragically cut short every year, in one of the leading causes of death in the world: car accidents. Soon after obtaining their permit at just sixteen, a large amount of teens end up making a fatal mistake while driving and lose their lives. America, understandably concerned with the death rate, has since implemented stricter laws regarding obtaining a driver’s license, and many are considering raising the minimum driving age. Throughout time, young age has always been correlated with recklessness and carelessness, and it would be sensible to take that into account when taking a stance on such a dangerous issue as car accidents. In order to increase safety and reduce death, it would be prudent to raise the minimum driving age. More crashes are caused by teens, who are more careless than older drivers. As writer Anahad O’Connor explains, teens “account for 10 times as many crashes as middle aged drivers” considering that they naturally “make simple mistakes, like failing to scan the road, misjudging driving conditions and becoming distracted” (Jago 29). Teenagers make an abundance of mistakes in their everyday lives, so it is plausible that those blunders would translate to mishaps on the road. Most people become more calm, more alert, and gain a more discerning gaze at the road as they age, making…show more content…
When their precious children die in just their teenage years in car accidents, parents are devastated. Teens get into these crashes due to their unintentional carelessness, which may not have been the case had they had a few more years of experience and intelligence to guide them. The laws already put in place to avert such tragic teen deaths are effective, and the world ought to progress it another step forwards. Ultimately, to increase the minimum driving age would be a wise decision, as it would prevent countless deaths and reduce
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