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On the late 1960’s the culture movement adopted the looser more comfortable flared pants and rejecting the straight-legged style of the establisment. Flared pants was popular till todays fashion. This was happen when Kate Moss starts wearing the wide legged flares instead of skinny jeans because of this,she made the flared pants been known again by others. Flares, bell bottoms, wide legged pants was back in a big way in this season. Despite the vintage flower child cannotations, flared pants feel remarkably fresh right now. There are also been influnce by Poebe Philo’s collection in 2013. She designed her full-legged flared trousers with constrasting colourblocked hem will undoubtedly see immediate success and prove as highly fashionable and…show more content…
Taylor theory told that may not exacly have legs, mini are the right associated with the good times in the senses of the fashion world. Mary Quant the mother of miniskirt, she was the one who did the birth of the miniskirt with raised the hemline of her skirt in 1965. She got the idea to designed miniskirts is to exposed skin that brought attention to women sexuality. Todays, miniskirts has been accepted in the western world because miniskirts can gives out the differents feels and styles by matching it with the different colour and patterns. For fashionable wear, early 21st century were often worn with thights or leggings in order to avoid exposed too much of skin. Miniskirt was still got much attention by others is because of the designer, Tom Ford has stated that miniskirt would be the height of fashion for the spring and summer. Fashion is about beauty and style that make u feel better and look good. Wearing anything and everything does mean that is perfect. Just be what you are and be comfortable. Like the quotes that said by Rachel Zoe ‘style is a way to say who you are without having to

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