Essay On Minorities In America

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The United State of America came to be the great country is today with racial minorities help build its foundation, by working the country’s land. Minorities made it possible for Europeans to become rich and privileged. With minorities being house servants, they allowed white rich families to be educated. African Americans became slaves after forcibly being imported from Africa. African slaves gave wealth and prosperity to white families across the southern United States, by working in plantations. African American slaves were property, simply inhumane objects under the eyes of their owners. Therefore, African Americans were not allowed to learn how to read and write. As objects, they had to be kept as inferior to white citizens to continue…show more content…
Citizens. Slavery was deemed unconstitutional since beginning of the United States, but racist slave owning politicians interpreted the law to meet their demands. Slaves only purpose was to work the plantations land, not being allowed to be enlightened. After the war to “end slavery” concluded, the civil war was only regain the seceded southern states, not to abolish injustices towards African Americans. African Americans continued to be unrepresented until the 15th amendment was ratified in 1870. As the United States progressed in civil rights, they no longer demonstrated inequalities towards minorities through government laws. Instead news media outlets, entertainment, and social media plant racism in their broadcastings to influence the American perspective about cultures. Many media outlets portray African Americans as homeless, drug dealers, and rapists. Giving the American people a perspective of fear towards African Americans. They are given the dream to professionally play sports or mainstream media, instead of encouraging African American youth to finish their education. Similar with Latinos, media portrays Mexican Americans being logically inferior compared to whites. This done by portraying Latinos as field workers and incompetent to white superior’s. Social Media now influences the majority of the youth with racial memes and short racial stereotypical
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