Essay On Minorities In Entertainment

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There are a lot of arguments when it comes to the entertainment industry, and one major argument is, do they portray minorities positively or fairly in film/video. Personally, if you take a step back and try to look at the situation objectively, there are certain situations in which they do portray minorities, and in other situations, it can just be overlooked. Whenever I am watching a movie I am unconsciously watching it and I would simply enjoy it and it exciting or dramatic content. I would go on social media later and see these different upsetting post about the characters, the directors, and the actual message behind the movie that brings my attention towards the small details. African Americans as criminals, or as these uneducated beings…show more content…
Muslims as terrorist, and Hispanics as individuals who can’t seem to ever get a good paying job. There are rare situations in which some film portray the positive characteristics of a race, and what that seems like is an uncaring attempt to balance out the negatives. They tell you to look past the exaggeration of it being all about race and ethnicity, but the generation we live we have to pride ourselves enough to be comfortable what who we are, and not what a movie define you as. In an article that talks about minorities in film and television, defenders of the entertainment industry believe that “supporters contend that critics exaggerate the real-life social impact of fictional films and TV shows, seeing harmful effects where none exist” (Race and Ethnicity in Entertainment). One of the many reasons why people argue about minorities, and or race and ethnicity being poorly portrayed in Hollywood, is because that’s how people are going to accept that specific race. Although some defender argues that people do not judge a race by the things they see in a movie, I couldn’t disagree more. A movie or a TV show gives these certain characters a voice, and if they themselves are accepting the negative things, then others will. In that situation it causes fear. I strongly believe the entertainment industry uses race and ethnicity as a leverage for more
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