Essay On Minorities In Law Enforcement

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Only one officer is charged for every one thousand people killed (“5 Facts”). People would think, a murder is a murder, therefore all cops should be charged just like any civilian would be charged. There has been many cases here in the United States, where a white police officer shoots and kills a minority, but never gets charged with it. Knowing police officers never get charged or into trouble, minorities start feeling police officers will do what they want since they know they will not get into trouble. This starts making people feel law enforcement is racist and unfair, making minorities not be able to trust them. As our law enforcement, people would think they should be able to trust them, but that is not always the case. Law enforcement treats minorities differently than whites making minorities feel the tension when they encounter each other, studies and polls show the evidence, and black cops working in law enforcement can see how white cops treat them. Minorities feel that law enforcement approaches them differently than whites because of their skin color. Minorities feel when approached by law enforcement, they…show more content…
From recent polls, it was gathered that eighty-eight percent of blacks agree they are treated unfair by law enforcement, and a fifty-nine percent of whites also agree blacks are treated unfairly (Dobson). This shows it is not only blacks who feel this way, but other races see it too. In a poll, the question asked was, “Have you been treated unfairly in dealing with police in the past thirty days because of your racial/ethnic background?” After viewing the results, it shows only three percent of whites said yes, while nineteen percent blacks said yes (Drash). From everything that people see from the results of all the polls, it is shown the relationship between police and minorities is
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