Essay On Minority Group Identity

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c.) To respond, I would first bring awareness to the single story they are using, which reduces a racial or ethnic group to a single narrative and masks nuances to create prejudice (Adichie 2009). I would tell the acquaintance, “This single story of the group you are discriminating against by using a racial epithet is created by the majority group in society and advertised through media outlets, much like the television shows you watch, and reduce minorities to unidimensional representations rather than fully including the true qualities, characteristics, and perspectives of the people at the expense of the joke.”
After explaining this, I would need to clarify how these multiple dynamics of a racial or ethnic minority group member’s identity
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For example, using these single narratives of minority groups, especially in the aspect of economic success, leads to a double consciousness, causing minorities to view themselves in the eyes of the majority group rather than their own viewpoints as a minority group member (DuBois 1899). I would say, “this double consciousness resulting from your single perspective leads to members of a minority group feeling as though they cannot create a true identity for themselves in a society that views them very differently from how they view themselves, which leaves a very harmful mark. Although you used a single perspective which detrimentally leads to double consciousness, there is a way to find a solution for this damage. This solution can be found in redemption, which is a healing process found through apology and action by the perpetrator (LaDuke 2011). In this situation, you will carry the guilt of causing harm to and creating identities for people of a minority group highlighted in the statements and actions you have demonstrated tonight. Although you believe discussing race constantly makes things worse, you are actually able to find forgiveness through actions of continuing to talk about the unfortunate effects that single perspectives have on minority groups. You have the power to misinform others who may believe the same things you have communicated at this party and learn from the tools I have given you tonight to help in the
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