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This video explains the power of mirror neurons and why they are so fundamental to the way we see people interact with everything around them. Mirror neurons are what make us feel connected to others whether that is through a movie, sporting events, or just hanging out with friends. Humans were created to be social and to interact with one another, these feelings are all caused by the actions of our mirror neurons. Mirror neurons also allow us to learn how to do certain things by observing the actions of others. This video also explains how the “monkey see, monkey do” saying came to be. In the video, they explained how the study was completed to determine how the monkey’s mirror neurons reacted when they grabbed a peanut compared to how the…show more content…
Kids watch their parents brush their teeth, get dressed, clean up when they are little, and naturally, they start to do the same by themselves. These actions are all possible because of mirror neurons. Mirror neurons connect us to other people’s feelings as well as their actions because we can understand what is happening, through their perspective as well as our own. For example, when watching a movie, you may feel yourself getting “attached” to the characters and getting emotional during happy or sad scenes. This is all because your brain is seeing how these characters are acting and is causing you to feel like you are doing the same thing as them. Researchers have also found that mirror neurons have the same movements in the brain when you make a happy face and when you see a happy face. For example, if someone sees their best friend, they typically will smile and when they do their mirror neurons will move, because that person is completing an action. Then after talking to their friend, that same person goes to the store and sees someone smiling on an advertisement poster, when they see that smile, they might not smile themselves, but their mirror neurons will have that same movement from when they actually

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