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1.1 Background information
English is used as a medium of instruction in Namibian therefore, some learners are finding it difficult to pronounce words correctly when reading or when they are speaking English. Mispronunciation of words can cause learners to give wrong message to others because, it can lead to different meanings. Joshi and Aron (1999) indicated that “many years ago there have been a neglect and rapid increase on pronunciation difficulties” (p.22). However, it is not always an easy task for learners who use English as a second language to be able to speak to the level of native speaker. Nora (2017) stated that “Some researchers believe that when the non-native speaker’s pronunciation falls below a certain level, they are unable to communicate effectively” (p.1). In addition, Adrian (1999) also stated that “Pronunciation will of course vary greatly from one country to another, because different nationalities have
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Standard pronunciation of English words can enhance the academic success of learners. This study will merely point out how mispronunciation of English words affect their academic performance. Furthermore, this enable learners to master the use of phonetic symbols in dictionaries and other strategies so, that they can always pronoun words correctly. This study will help learners to be aware on the importance of standard pronunciation of English words. If teachers and learners understand the causes and challenges that they experience when learning standard pronunciation of English words, than it might help them to research on the possible ways to overcome the challenges. It is important to correctly pronoun English words since, pronunciation help communication to be clear. It will also help teachers to critically think of factors that contribute to pronunciation difficulties among

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