Essay On Mississippi In The 1960's

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Mississippi in the 1960’s was a historical and life- changing time period for the colored society. Many colored people stood up and fought for equal rights such as Martin Luther King, Jjr., Rosa Parks and Malcolm X, but that was only well known ones. As they were fighting for equal rights, the white society had other strong opinions by going against them and doing things as riots, beating the colored and even shootings. In the early 1960’s the law that established the segregation of the white and colored was called the Jim Ccrow Llaw. Even in prison they were separated where they slept, ate and had recess. They were separated inside and outside of society. In Mississippi only 45% of the population was colored and only moreover 5% were allowed to vote ( Also, as a matter of fact, the ones who could vote were interviewed and had to be able to write and read in the same way doctors who were colored couldn 't even vote because to the white society…show more content…
What was happening in Mississippi when the civil rights Movement was ending was that a part was formed called the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. There goal was to let the colored to vote for once and all not just 5% but an 100%, The congress in 1965 passed the law that the colored could register to vote without reading or writing. John F. Kennedy made a change of law which stopped segregation within public places.With this law passed the whites still made it hard for the colored to register to vote. The MFDP in nineteen sixty four was also challenging the white congress because since there was no one colored. They elected their own group of party to run because again there was no one to stand up for the colored society and have equal justice. Even though laws were changed and kids went to the same school white and colored at the end of the day there was still in whites who were still unequal to the colored and that 's a fact you can 't
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