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Reducing the Liability Risk of Employee Misuse the Internet: Cyber Liability NOOR HASLINDA BINTI ZULKIFLI BACHELOR BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (RISK MANAGEMENT AND TAKAFUL) 033124 ABSTRACT Misuse of the Internet has brought about many problems and disorders among workers, employers and the workplace. The issue of internet misuse among employees can result in liability risk and legal liability not only to employees but also to employers and companies. In addition, misuse of the internet will not only lead to legal action taken and even can cause financial loss and resources and slows productivity. Organizations need to look seriously into this matter in order to minimize and avoid the risk of this happening.A total of 43.3 percent of companies do not take into account the issue of internet use in the workplace. However, there are also organizations that take care of every activity of Internet usage among workers. This is because employers are concerned about the…show more content…
Among them is a violation of thought, the use of a person's name or photograph without their prior consent, public disclosure of private facts or humiliating, damaging a person reputation and invasion of privacy someone. Defilement of intellectual property also one of the issue that involve in misuse of the internet which may cause legal liability for employers and companies. For example, the violation of trademarks copyrights as well as pirating software program. Defamation through the internet is also an issue that is often prevalent nowadays. Defamation can occur when there is a false and defamatory statement about another individual, organization or product. Employer may be liable for employee's posting defamatory content if the employer is the internet service provider. Another internet related technologies that contribute to the increasing of liability and legal issues is
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