Essay On Misuse Of Technology

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How far will technology take us? By the look of it, Technology is the only thing that has been evolving at this point in time. In this essay a variety of points on how the misuse of technology will make us face consequences if we continue being misusers and misinformed. It is coming to the point that Technology is taking us to the world of Big Brother at a rate in which we are all blind to the realization in which we try to deny that we do not use technology in a wasteful way, having the Government using it to their advantage.
The way we misuse technology is more common than what you think. Do you ever find yourself having a couple minutes to yourself and during that amount of time you decide to check a couple of emails on your device and later do you know you have spent a couple of hours watching videos on Youtube or on a type of social media. It has happened to most of us and to be truthful the use of technology in
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On the internet you will find many things that in matter of weeks or at times hours will no longer in anyway be beneficial to us. The media keeps on feeding us things to either scare us or to excite us. Do we really need to know about hollywood scandals or what type of new disease is supposedly the most dangerous virus to ever exist? Back to the point that i made earlier, the Ebola virus was not even talked about for a whole year until most people forgot about it. The way the Government and media are connected is by having us distracted to the real world issues. It is pretty insane to accept that people as of now in days would pay more attention to the negative content social media supplies than to actually try to understand what is going on in the world right now. They rather be more focused on the new phone that has more than four features that the past one did not have. So the misuse of the technology is beneficial to the government as long as we stay distracted on the
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