Essay On Misuse Of Water In Canada

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Global warming and greenhouse gas emissions are severe problems that have become issues all around the world. Numbers are changing over the years and eventually it will lead to the deterioration of the world. Many people throughout Canada rely on fossil fuels and have adapted to clear cutting forests for their own needs. Consequently this is leading to climate change, ozone layer depletion and the overuse and misuse of water. To prevent these numbers from rising, Canadian citizens and the government have tried reducing their impact on the environment by establishing the Montreal Protocol, using new technologies to manage water consumption, and creating sustainable energy sources. Due to numerous companies using chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons…show more content…
Moreover, only some of this fresh water is accessible since most of it is trapped in glaciers and polar ice caps. Water is a main resource used by humans and is something essential for us and other species to survive. Many Canadians misuse or overuse water. Most Canadians are guilty of leaving their tap running while brushing their teeth or washing their dishes. To prevent and save limited amount of water left, Canadian citizens can all contribute to the maintenance of clean drinking water. Canadians are the few people who are lucky enough to have access to clean drinking water, while in developing countries there is a shortage. Many of these people are drinking water that hasn’t been filtered or treated which can cause waterborne illnesses. By turning off the tap and limiting the amount of water consumption in families can all lead to the conservation of water. Moreover, by creating policies on water usage such as how long someone can water your garden for so that citizens don’t overuse water. In addition, by creating new technology for agriculture such as new well-drilling techniques has helped farmlands from overusing water. Clean water is a privilege given to only some people. By enforcing new polices or even creating a small change in daily lives of people can all add up and reduce the amount water

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