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Global System for Mobile Communication is the most widely means of communication today. This, though useful may pose great nuisance in noise restricted areas such as classrooms, churches, mosques, Libraries, hospitals etc. Mobile phone jammers are employed to prevent mobile phones from receiving or transmiting from base stations. The mobile phone signal jammer is used to interfere with the communication frequency within a specified radius depending on the strength of the signal jammer. To achieve this, a radio signal is generated on the same frequency as the base station of the mobile phone Network provider and at a higher power so as to collide and cancel each other out. The jammer coverage distance hinges largely on the performance and capacity…show more content…
Here in Nigeria, for example, with a population around 140 million [1], four main cell phone carriers are available; namely; Globacom, MTN, Etisalat, Airtel for GSM’They use the GSM 900/1800 system. Needless to say, the wide use of mobile phones could create some problems as the sound of ringing becomes annoying or disrupting. This could happen in some places like conference churches, mosques, rooms, law courts, libraries, lecture rooms. While most of us just grumble and move on, some people are actually going to extremes to retaliate. Cell phones are basically handheld two-way radios. And like any radio, the signal can be disrupted or jammed. Disrupting a cell phone is the same as jamming any other type of radio communication. A cell phone works by communicating with its service network through a cell tower or base station. A Cell tower divides a city into small areas, or cells. As a cell phone user drives down the street, the signal is handed from tower to tower. A jamming device transmits on the same radio frequencies as the cell phone, disrupting the communication between the phone and the cell-phone base station in the tower. It is called as a denial-of-service attack [1]. The jammer denies service of the radio spectrum to the cell-phone users within range of the jamming
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