Essay On Mobile Computing

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Mobile computing has changed the way we do business and how we look at people’s ability to their jobs efficiently. The use of mobile computing impacts every segment of our lives and our jobs. One way it does that is by making everything accessible. Before, when you left your job for the day, you were done until you came in the next day, but with the use of smartphones, one email can put you in touch with your boss in seconds so you can do a task as soon as they ask. Gone are the days when you could leave your work at work. We have so many pieces of technology that it would be impossible for you to make up a reason to not be able to do you work, or at least blame it on technology. Life and work have become so intertwined that it’s impossible…show more content…
My generation is constantly accused of being absorbed in technology and not taking time to enjoy one another’s company, but mobile computing makes it easier to do this. When I go to an art museum or festival, I can easily share my location for someone to meet me or share an art piece I think a friend in another city would like. When I’m having a conversation, and can’t remember a detail, I can easily google it and know exactly what I wanted to know. Instead of leaving my home to go get groceries and drag my friends around the store with me, I can have groceries delivered to my doorstep. Mobile computing has made life easier for my generation so we can connect with each other more, it’s just a different way of connecting than previous generations. The perception of our use of technology is bad, but my generation has the greater ability to communicate with our peers than other previous generation. We can share ideas with our peers across the world and research topics we want to talk about in seconds.
Mobile computing is amazing and it has changed the way we live our lives day to day. Whether bad or good, it’s something we need and I honestly think we can’t live without. It impacts our jobs, relationships, hobbies, and almost everything else. It’s impossible to live without coming across the need for mobile computing. The world has changed, and it is due to mobile
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