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There has been an enormous leap when it comes to technology advancements just in the past 15 years, give or take. We went from using big, corded house phones and looking at 8-bit graphics, to thin, pocket-sized smartphones and visuals so hyper realistic that you can’t tell them apart from real life. What with self-driving cars, 3d printers, the betterment of virtual and augmented reality and recent breakthroughs in AI technology, people are now more than ever questioning just how much they actually depend on technology. At this point, technology is advancing at a pace that does not afford much time to analyze its potential costs and benefits. However, calling for technology to halt progressing is not only irrational and unhelpful, it is also…show more content…
Regardless, there is no concrete evidence to say that this equates addiction, and implications of these findings are still being discussed. The vast majority of people wealthy enough to own a smartphone use them habitually. Our phones are the most dominant portal of information and communication technology, and they serve a multitude of other functions that we use for work and entertainment. It’s natural to feel that they’re important. “Although people may be using their smartphones a lot, it’s generally life-enhancing,” says Dr Griffiths, author of “Adolescent mobile phone addiction: A cause for concern? “But there will always be a small minority, with any technological advancement, that do it to excess and it causes them problems. The good news is, particularly when it comes to smartphones, the genuine incidence of addiction is small.” Besides, it’s a general truth about people that the most attention-grabbing news, no matter how unlikely, tends to generate more buzz and eventually becomes more well-known than what’s actually true. It’s factual that some people do spend excessive amounts of time on their smartphone, but if it’s not interfering with their job, their education, relationships, or other hobbies, we shouldn’t be pathologizing them. Not to mention, people can be very against smartphones, but it’s not always right to blame the device. More often

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