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WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO CHARGE YOUR SMARTPHONE WITHOUT DAMAGING ITS BATTERY LIFE? CHANDRA MOULI MARNI PHANINDRA KARUNAKARAM Abstract Usage of phone is being increased day by day in our life and it is one of the basic things which a modern man must have. The main problem it has is, its battery drains fast. There have been many studies done on increasing the battery life of the phone but not on how to charge the phone in order to get a good battery life. This study examines the battery life of the phone with respect to temperature and the time. An experiment was done on six phones by charging them in different ways and the results were tabulated. Results found that charging the phone in the right way gives a good battery life and…show more content…
In this methodology the above experimental values were taken and carefully observed. They show reasonable difference between the two groups. The time taken to charge the battery by group B is more than that of group A. It is observed that the temperature and time played a major role which affected the efficiency of the battery. Using an appropriate charger that is compatible for the battery gives the best results of charging. Different chargers give different charging time which affects the battery by generating heat. Charging the phone with the compatible charger, when it is in idle state gives the best results. By taking the above results into consideration in real life the battery can have a good life by increasing its efficiency. The users have less knowledge or idea on how to charge their smart phones without affecting its battery. The obtained results are important because by following them one can safely charge their smart phones. From our background research anything which heats up the phone battery is harmful since it reduces the efficiency of the battery. So our result is smart phone should be charged with its compatible charger and it must be kept in ideal state while charging. So this method must be implemented to charge once smart phone in order to get a good battery

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