Everyday Life Product Analysis

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Good morning,I am Jacky Hui,I am going to have my presentation.
Today,I’m going to speak to you about the Everyday life product-mobile phone and how the mobile phone works.In many countries,many people all have a mobile phone to use.So,first,I will the reason why I choose this Everyday life product and its function.
I choose this product is because in the earth,there have many people use the mobile phone in one second and it is easily to call another person who live in different country.Imagine calling a friend on the other side of town. As you chat away, your phone converts your voice into an electrical signal, which is then transmitted as radio waves and converted back into sound by your friend’s phone. A basic mobile phone is therefore
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applications like a clock, alarm, calendar and calculator and a few games.
A mobile phone allows you more range and allows you to communicate much further from virtually anywhere in the city, country ,or world. You have the ability to make a telephone call or receive one wherever you happen to be with your mobile phone. But only if you have a signal.
The mobile phone is work by the mobile phone network,the step of the mobile phone network work:
First,The cellphone is a combination of a telephone and a radio. Like a telephone, you can listen and talk to someone on the other end, and like a radio, you can do it wirelessly over the air. The signals that come into and go out of a cell phone are like the ones TV and radio are received on, just formatted differently.
Second,signals are sent back and forth between the cellphone and a base station. The base station is a device that is usually a mile or two away from where the cellphone is being used and has an antenna that is high up on a tower. Since radio signals can bounce around and go walls and windows, you don’t have to be within sight of the base station in order to communicate with it. Once the signals arrive at the base station, they are converted into regular telephone signals and sent over the public telephone network to whomever you can calling, or sent back out from another base station if you are calling another
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