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Imagine you carry 1kg device that provide you 30 minutes in a call and need 10 hours to charge! It is not something not real, this was the first mobile phone released 40 years back in the mid-1970s. The real revolution in technology history was when Martin Cooper, senior engineer at Motorola Company, made the first mobile phone call. Since then, a lot of company were competing in released the latest devices with latest features. Now day, cellphone take a big part in our daily life, it was started with phone call and still keep in development to provide many features that can take you everywhere in just one click. As in many cases, there is a flip-side for every coins, although technology make our life become more easily, and create more opportunity way to connect with others…show more content…
Let us think if there is a serious conversation between two partner and in the middle of the discussion, the notifications of the phone ring, unconsciously this will distract the attention. While the phone distracts the partner, the other get annoying and that may led to a problem in the relationships. Sarah Coyne, psychologist at Brigham Young University and Bardan McDaniel an author of the study “Technoference: How Technology Can Hurt Relationships,” (2015) the study surveyed 143 married women and asked them how technology affect their relationships in negatively way. More than 50% of women complained that technology interruption their daily life and cause many depression to them, they specifically mention the most interruption become from the cellphone. They said that their men would take out his phone and texts another in the middle of conversation or during a meal together. In other words, cellphone influence negatively in relationships and the worst is how the intrusions made the women feel which reflect and associated with lower life

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