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The world is going more digital in this decade. Mobile phones have become integral part of our lives. There are also more mobile phones in the world than the toilets or other basic requirement. [1] That means mobile phones have become ubiquitous. It is one of the revolution that happened in this decade. No matter which part of the world you go, you can find a lot of people using mobile. Now it is not only for the basic communication and the internet, people are also doing business with their mobile phones. They rely on their phones for almost everything. The way of using mobile phones is also different for different part of the world. Even if the purpose may be same, the level of usage and added values could be different. I am here to write something about the mobile phone usage that I have witnessed here in China.
Previously I had also been to China for short trips, training, visits and more. But I did not have this sort of experience living here and getting used to the Chinese culture so close like never before. It has nearly been four months that I have lived here and get used to the Chinese way of living. In all these four months, I have not only found it to be
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Wechat pay and Alipay have a serious competition for the payment system in China. But I must say they have their own features and usage scenario. I prefer Alipay for buying stuffs online and large shopping stores whereas for money transfer to friends and red packets, I prefer Wechat. Some surprise gifts while paying for goods is really exciting in Alipay. I can use the Campus life feature to top up my Campus card to buy food and other stuffs in the university cafeteria, shops. Share bikes, cars, buy movie tickets, Taobao, Tmall shopping, mobile top ups are also available here. It also has the scanning and pay, scanning and add friends features. But for chatting and social media, Wechat and its moment is more

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