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Mobility Technology The definition of mobility technology is paraphrased as assisting those who are not able to walk and/or their movement has become limited enough to where they must use some type of walking device. Technology to move from point A to point B has become more advanced throughout the years. Basic mobility assistive technologies include wheelchairs and crutches. Wheelchairs have improved by becoming more self-independent to the disabled person.
The electric wheelchair has become the most popular type of mobility device for little people that have become immobile. The electric wheelchair allows for more freedom for the individual. The electric wheelchair has an electric motor which allows for movement. The electric wheelchair has become so remarkable in ways that it made life easier for disabled people. Getting around by yourself in a wheelchair that you must push yourself is exhausting and difficult. The electric wheelchair has made people with mobility issues, such as dwarfism, get around so much easier and with less strain on the body. There is a specific wheelchair for individuals with dwarfism and it is
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Yes, there are some complications that are associated with dwarfism, but it is a condition that is manageable. I like how the book Adapted Physical Education and Sport puts it “On an intellectual level, students with dwarfism do not function any differently from students without dwarfism. Thus, they should be treated the same as other students with regard to cognitive ability and academic achievement” (Porretta, 2011). Being smaller than average size has no effect on intellectual development or capability. This shows that an individual can have a disability by being shorter than average height, but still have the same or higher intellectual level as a regular sized

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