Essay On Modern Bureaucracy

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The features of modern bureaucracy along with major characterizations given by Weber, help us understanding the functioning of organisations today. Max Weber, a German sociologist, first popularized the term “bureaucracy”, when he argued that, all major organisations, should be bureaucratically run for efficient, uniform, automatic and calculative business . Modern rationality acts as a base for these charecterisations to be used in organisations today. The magnanimous PVR cinemas, helps us further comprehend and analyse the workings of the present day rational legal organisations, while using the given characterization’s as a base. Max Weber believed that, bureaucracy was the epitome of rationality. He talks about 4 types of rationalities- practical, theoretical, substantive and modern rationalization. He then goes on to explain how, modern rationalization has led to urbanization of the corporations, This modern rationality, tells us how to work with a sense of impersonality. and how this modern rationality helps businesses today, conform to the characterization’s of modern bureaucracy led down by weber.…show more content…
Division of labour allows, more specialization of work, which makes the organization more resourceful. Rules to govern the proceedings of the business. Having a set of written rules, allows the business to work in a particular direction, and stops it from diverting. Paying salaries, and full time jobs, allows members of the corporation to work towards achieving the goals, which may lead to promotions. Separation of the organization from its members, this lets the workers, work without letting their personal attachments get in the way of working towards the goals set by the
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