Essay On Modern Commercial Society

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Religion has played a highly influential role in the formation of society. Very often, science, technology and art were ostracized by the attitudes of religion. In consequence, this has led to religion being highly entangled with government. Thus, many philosophers such as Smith, Voltaire and Hirschman criticize the role of religion and advocate for commerce and the pursue of rational self-interest. Although, government has had a long history of playing a big role by intervening in national affairs, it should only maintain modern commercial society because they limit the free market, the potential of nation states to grow from commerce. The government is only responsible to maintain and protect its modern commercial society, while religion should have no role in modern commercial society because it hinders the growth of a state by limiting labour potential and discouraging the pursuit of wealth. The maintenance of modern commercial society is significant because it paves the way towards economic prosperity which leads to positive…show more content…
For example, in the Letters IV: On the Presbyterians. Voltaire states that, “People are there forbidden to work or take any recreation on that day, in which the severity is twice as great as that of the Romish Church” and goes on to say that, “the rest of the nation go either to church, to the tavern, or to see their mistresses (Voltaire 2). In other words, people are forced to devote Sunday to the Church of England. This illustrates how hypocritical religion is by forbidding work even though some people will visit taverns or their mistress and carry out the opposite of the teachings of faith. Thus, religion would create sloth and indolence in modern commercial society by cutting productive which can hinder the national economy as well as technological developments. This would negatively impact the economic interest of the individual and of the
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