Modern Day America Essay

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I do not believe that the increased amount of technology in modern day America has negatively influenced peoples lives. Although some may argue that the lack of social interactions is detrimental to our society, due to attitude of people, and the lack of social experiences. I disagree, the reason being is that the social interactions it has destroyed, it has made new ones that are much more valuable and memorable. It is true that there are games that you would play alone, but the majority of games are multi player. Which means you are playing with real life people all around the world throughout your gaming experience. If you were to play a multi player video game for 30 minutes, chances are you would run into about two times the number of people that you would have run into at the grocery…show more content…
Modern day gaming has many benefits that are unknown to many. Not only do games increase your social skills, they also increase reaction time, motor skills, and you to be much more observant in your day to day life. In addition to gaming the vast advancement of technology in recent years allows you to purchase something online, and days later it arrives at your door. Those who say that this negatively impacts our society due to the decreased amount of human contact do not understand the benefits. Shopping online saves you both time and money. With those additional resources 47% of people choose to purchase things that they could enjoy with friends according to a local publication by The Whisper news paper. Adding yet another benefit for the increased use of technology and enhancing social skills. Technology may cut out some of the human interactions in our lives, but it adds so much more exposure to the what is out in the world, and allows people to see it and share it so much faster and more efficiently. For civilizations to evolve, first they must adapt to changes. This is the future, we just need to accept the fact that times
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