Essay On Modern Democracy

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WHAT IS DEMOCRACY? The word ‘Democracy’ combines the elements ‘Demos’ which means ‘People’ and ‘Kratos’ meaning ‘Force or power’. It is defined a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections (Merriam Webster Online Dictionary, 2014). Democracy is based on the ideals of equality, freedom and welfare for citizens. It abolishes all forms of restriction and privilege.
In ancient times, Democracy was strongly practiced in countries like Greece and Rome, where they were ruled under the pretense of “majority decision”. Democracy was invented by the Greeks and it was practiced mainly in Athens. In Athens citizens (except women children, slaves, resident foreigners) or the majority of the population-gathered together to discuss and decide on the policies of the state.
Ancient democracy was based on the direct participation of the masses in public affairs. In contrast, modern democracy is representative in character and it demands the active participation of the people in the government. Thus, in a democratic state, the acts of the government are in accordance with the will of the people, since they have the right to elect and remove their leaders and the right to determine the main lines of policy of
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The government sentenced him to life imprisonment due his political activities. Attempts by black people to protest against the government were dealt with torture; imprisonment and murder were carried out. Eventually, a petition started which called for the release of Nelson Mandela who had now been in prison for over 15 years. The petition sparked off greater awareness of Mandela throughout South Africa and the world. Finally, then president of South Africa Frederik Willem de Klerk removed the ban on the ANC and Nelson Mandela was
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