Essay On Modern Education System

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The modern education system is ineffective in terms of preparing children for the society The modern education system has been around for hundreds of years, and it is aimed to prepare younger generations for the future society. However, the effectiveness of the general modern education system around the world has aroused several different debates, for instance, some people have argued that the modern education system has twisted the original objective of education, which is to bring out one’s uniqueness and allow them to find their own place in the society. In this essay, I would like to talk about how the modern education system fails to prepare children for the society. Firstly, the modern education system surrounds students in an inauthentic…show more content…
Yet, I disagree with this claim. Since everyone is unique, it is dehumanised to ask everybody to fit perfectly into a box, besides, not everyone has the same opinion on what is good for the society, some may believe that economic growth is the right path to a prosperous society, while others may think that a prosperous society can only be achieved, when everybody has a sense of self-appreciation, self-worth and a little bit of creativity. In a modern society, if everybody fits perfectly into the box, the society will become monotonous and boring, where the only thing that the society has, is just economic growth, which is not a reliable base for a society to build on, as it tends to fluctuate in the modern international economic system. In order to make the society more well-rounded and more secure, the education system should inspire students to think out of the box and have their own ideas, instead of setting up rules and having lots of assignments and
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