Qualities Of A True Hero

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Superman… Batman..Yes these are heroes but only in comics. A hero is different for everyone. I think a hero is humble, loyal, and trustworthy. These are all traits that define a hero in my eyes.”A true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength but by the strength of his heart.”-Hercules. Being humble is not braig, Loyal is forgiving someone even if they messed up, And trustworthy is being a smart, kind person who anyone can trust.
When I think of a hero I think of the charter trait humble. “Humility is not thinking of less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.”-C.S lewis. My mom is a director at a preschool she is the definition of humble because she helps children learn and grow social skills everyday. When she gets home after
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It means to listen to what people have to say but also to care about them. My sister and Dad are VERY good at being trustworthy. If I have something on my mind that is bothering me I would go to my dad or sister. They are both super great at keeping a secret. But trustworthy doesn't only mean keeping a secret it also means that you have to be there for someone if they need it and to protect them. I know I can trust my Dad in any situation small or big. He is my hero. My sister is a big part of my life she has always been there for me and whether or not she knows it I look up to her. She always has my back and I know I can talk to her about anything. I used my sister and Dad for this word because they are both caring and kind. Each day when they come home from work and school they give a hug with a smile. I don't think they know that I really enjoy that moment of my day because I get to see them after a long period of time. They can always brighten my day. I had a peer and she wasn’t kind to me or my friends if we told her something we didn’t want shared she would go along and tell everyone that she passed. This is the opposite of the meaning trustworthy because she didn’t care what we thought and she didn't care how we

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