Essay On Modern Heroes

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Superman… Batman..Yes these are heroes but only in comics. A hero is different for everyone. I think a hero is humble, loyal, and trustworthy. These are all traits that define a hero in my eyes.”A true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength but by the strength of his heart.”-Hercules. Being humble is not braig, Loyal is forgiving someone even if they messed up, And trustworthy is being a smart, kind person who anyone can trust.
When I think of a hero I think of the charter trait humble. “Humility is not thinking of less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.”-C.S lewis. My mom is a director at a preschool she is the definition of humble because she helps children learn and grow social skills everyday. When she gets home after a long day she doesn’t brag or boast that she helps kids develop and grow, she simply says her day was great and asks about yours. My mom is a hero to
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Everybody has a different perspective of the word hero, but I think of the word loyal. I think of all the people who helped save those in the tragic 911 incident. There was not only people saving the lives of many there was also dogs. Dogs are a pretty perfect example for the term loyal. There is a lot of stories about how a person can abuse a dog and hate the dog, but each morning the pup wakes up happy and forgiveful. That dog doesn't remember that there owner abuses them, the hound simply forgives the owner. That is loyalty.This quote is from the dogington post. “When the World Trade Center collapsed on September 11, 2001, nearly 10,000 emergency rescue workers joined in the efforts to help. More than 300 of those heroes were dogs.” These dogs were lowered down from helicopters to sniff out the people who were hurt but still living, and the bodies of those who had passed. These dogs were heroes to many families. A hero doesn't have to be a human a hero can be
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