Essay On Modern Journalism

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Introduction Journalism’s development in the 19th century occurred in the context of rapid processes of social, political, commercial and technological changes. This paper will determine how such processes contributed to shaping the development of modern forms of journalism and news. The 19th century, being in the dawn of the industrial age, paved way for more effective journalism which allowed people to convey news and opinions to more number of people. However, this evolution also brought changes in the society. By means of getting through the relevant literature, this paper clarifies and identifies certain things in relation to the discussion presented throughout the literature. According to Allan (2004), the news is considered as a social resource that is constructed carefully to give knowledge and could then be called as reality. News has undergone continuous development since the time that…show more content…
The publication businesses grow in remarkable number and opened employment for careers that are useful in these businesses. Commercial changes have impact not just to the economy but to the society as a whole. Such is always been the case through the entire development of the journalism profession which includes 19th-century development. Journalism has been evolving into many transformations as a commercial endeavor, profession, and socio-technical phenomenon (Carlson & Lewis, 2005). Change has accelerated in the past years which affected some practices in our daily lives. Among the obvious changes in journalism is how it became more commercialized with the rise of the corporate world and globalization; making news and journalism industry profitable at all areas. From journals and newspaper to the vast-ranging television and radio, advertisement and other marketing ideas had been part of journalism development which is considered as its commercial
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