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SOLE REPORT ON MODERN MOVEMENT The modern movement can be described as a philosophical or a period of change that took place from the end of 19th century and throughout the 20th century. The modern movement starts with the renaissance for the historians. Its stem “modern”, comes from the Latin word which means current. It is a cultural movement which involves changes in art, literature, music and architecture. The vast majority of attempts for alternative modes of representation in literature music art film painting and architecture have been termed modernist. It’s a period where traditional value start to change. This movement causes innovation in science art culture ethics philosophy and psychology. It intends to find new or hidden meanings in human experience. Its main aim is to deal with new ideas. It is a break with the tradition. Modernist poetry occurs between the 1890 and 1970. Its key elements can be experimentation, anti realism, individualism.…show more content…
Impressionists, Realists and Romantics were the pioneers of modern art. the Impressionists emphasised only on the work done outdoors rather than the work in the studios. The late 19th century innovators such as Pablo Picasso used cubes cone and sphere showing that nature can be divided into three solids. Salon Des Refuses was an exhibition held by Napoleon III to showcase the rejected paintings by the Paris Salon. Expressionism, Abstract Art, Cubism, Futurism and Fauvism were some of the other movements the world noticed. A Dutch Style of abstraction developed by Theo Van Doesburg was called as The De Stijl Movement. Among their group was Mondrian who was deeply spiritual and intended to develop a universal language that was free of any nationalism. Using primary colors and grid lines as his basic he made exquisite compositions. His style was also called
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