Essay On Modern Sexism

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SEXISM Sexism are in various forms. First, patriarchy versus matriarchy is defined. Then, several different forms of sexism are including old-fashioned, modern, hostile, benevolent and ambivalent. Patriarchy vs. Matriarchy Think about a stereotypical family in a traditional setting, such as a family sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner in the United States. Who can you picture carving the turkey at the head of the table? For many people, this task is given to either the father or the grandfather in a family. Now, assume for a minute that you 're heterosexual and plan to get married. Do you plan to change your last name after the wedding? If you have children, will they get the last name of the father or the mother? Most families across the world assume that…show more content…
The belief that sexism is no longer a problem in today 's world 2. That programs designed to help women are not necessary 3. That women who complain about sexism are just causing trouble Essentially, modern sexism tries to make the argument that men and women have equal opportunities in today 's world, so people trying to end sexism are actually hurting men. Modern sexism ignores national problems, such as the fact that women are paid less than men for the same job, and instead, it argues that modern policies are unfairly favoring women. Because these beliefs use equality as their surface value, modern sexism is a common argument with today 's politicians and policy-makers. The third type of sexism is called hostile sexism. Just like the name implies, hostile sexism has components of anger and bitterness in it. Basically, hostile sexism is the belief that women are whiny, sexual teases who enjoy controlling men. People who have high levels of hostile sexism do not like women, and they believe that all women are trying to take all power away from men. Hostile sexists are most likely to publicly disparage feminists, and they prefer women who are
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