Dystopian Society Vs Modern Society Essay

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How A Modern Society Can Change To Imperfection
According to Lauren Oliver an author of many young adult novels, “I think that Dystopian futures are also a reflection of our current fears” (Oliver). Dystopia a word said when it isn’t a perfect world; actually the opposite. The future worlds are made up to be imperfect and scary, a future where every single person is equal and government reigns like a king over everyone. This means that all fears of being completely equal and controlled are what people make the imperfect future to be like. There are numerous similarities and differences between the Modern American Society and dystopian societies of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, the film 2081 by Kurt Vonnegut Jr, and The Gathering Blue written by Lois Lowry. Each has an aspect such as books, government, and job control that can be compared to present time; though they differ from what is used to today they share similar aspects. Both societies have books, the citizens know that books exist and hold knowledge, stories, and history. In the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, it is far into the
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Today anyone can go to college or not, and pursue any career unlike in the dystopian society of the Gathering Blue. Some jobs may take more work, but anything is possible in modern society. In the Gathering Blue people are born with a fate so; they don’t have a choice to pick “The future will be told here,” he said. “Our world depends upon the telling” (Lowery 74). Kiera will put the future into this piece of cloth that tells the past and shows the future. This dystopian book shows what the world can be like if the government has more power than the people, and the world turns into a place where opinions are made without looking deeper into the person. In the world of the Gathering Blue people are happy, but ignorant not realizing what little freedom they
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