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Modern technology and webcams Modern technology has been a crucial material for the life style. It’s present everywhere around people at colleges, in hospitals, and even nowadays in the streets through ATM machines and Wi-Fi spots. According to Ramey “ Modern technology encourages innovation and creativity ”. As technology gets developed day by day, this encourages the human brain to go beyond borders and discover new ideas. As a result, these new ideas lead to creativity and success at the same time. What’s more, modern technology has upgraded means of communication. Instead of using hand-written letters, e-mails and text messaging have made this task easier with less consumption of time. In this essay, more focus is put on modern technology through the invention of webcams. Webcams are one of the greatest inventions of the modern technology. Webcam is a digital camera that can be connected to the computer and transfer images or videos through the internet. Nowadays, most of the computers and laptops have built-in webcams thus no need to buy a separate one. As a matter of fact, webcams have been such a successful development in the modern world. Since their production, webcams were affordable to almost everybody. This was due to the…show more content…
Webcams can connect between a person and his family or friends. When someone is abroad for travelling or a job, a webcam gives him the opportunity to meet his family through video chatting by which many applications afford such as Skype. Further, webcams can be used in business. Business meetings sometimes require travelling abroad to other countries which costs lots of money for buying the tickets. Thanks to webcams, business managers can attend these meetings from their offices through video conferences. Moreover, many people cannot afford going to universities overseas. As a result, many universities as University of Ottawa provide its courses through the internet and video conferences

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