Essay On Modern Technology

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Do you see yourself without technology?The impact of technology in our lives,today,is immeasurable.We use technology every day,in different ways and we use it to make our lives better.But what we are used to call modern technology,technically they are not as new as we think.
For instance,if we have a great smartphone today can figure out that it is just an advancement of an ordinary mobile phone that we had many years ago.Or look at a train today-we used to utilize steam powered trains and now we have electronic trains just to get faster to some places.Technology evoles,but it finds old ways and old technologies to evolve.
We use technology everyday,in order to fulfill specific tasks or specific interests.We have specific needs and we want to have better technologies that do things quickly for us.
With technology,we have the capability to achieve higher quality work in less time.We are almost limitless with what can be accomplished and thanks to technology,but could these tools actually be limiting our creativity?Many business owners can probably remember a day when technology was limited and creativity was necessary to achieve success.Advertisements started a drawing and creating pictures,not stock photos and photoshop.Newsletters were mailed traditionally on the company letterhead,not electronically for viewers to receive in seconds.Writing started with blank paper and brainstorming,not google.Now,with all of these tools available on the internet,it’s piece of the cake for
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