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Modular kitchens add style to your home
A well-designed kitchen helps save space and also keeps the kitchen clean, clutter and hygienic; modular kitchens have made this possible.
The world of modular kitchen
Modular kitchen is a set of kitchen furniture comprising of cabinets, shelves, drawers, etc, assembled to make a ready to work kitchen. They are assembled and organized in such a way that minimizes space, and there is maximum storage space for different essentials in the kitchen.
Different materials such as wood, plywood, MDF, steel, solidsurfaces, granite, compositemarble or tile are used in the making of various kitchen modules.
The few Modular designs are as follows:
One Wall Type- Kitchen Layout: These layout set on one side of
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It can also be easily repaired when necessary.
Current trends in modular kitchen
An open kitchen: Today, there are many who like to interact with guests while they are working in the kitchen. This has led to the concept of the open kitchen which means there is no segregation between the kitchen and other areas. More than one workstation is seen in spacious kitchen spaces while foldable countertops are included to save space. Round countertops are another trend. LED lights are incorporated, and even elegant chandeliers find aplace in open kitchen spaces.
Cabinets with new technology: Today, the cabinets that can smoothly glide in and out with just a tap are getting popular in place of drawers. Even corner areas are utilized for storage. Electrical appliances are concealed in cabinets with their exteriors that look one with the cabinets. There are base cabinets or suspended shelves available now. Today cabinets don’t need a handle to open it; just a touch would do!
NewAge materials: Eco-friendly options are a new trend in themodular kitchen. At the same time, granite, stainless steel, glass, glossy veneers, laminates, lacquer, solidsurfaces are used in designing this contemporary

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