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There is a quote about money from Spike Miligan; he said that ‘Money cannot buy friends, but you can get a better class of enemy’ – Having a lot of money is everyone’s dream. Not considering what social class are ones at, if the money is falling from the sky, definitely anyone will go for it and collect it. Nowadays, money is considered as the most vital thing in anyone’s life. Notably, almost everything in life is using money; for thing as simple as you want to use the public toilet till the thing as complex as you want to buy a house. In using of money, there are types of consumers and how are their attitudes toward money. Money attitudes also affect people’s motivation, well-being, and interpersonal relationship (Furham and Lewis, 1986). Therefore, money can permit extravagances and new identities to develop for consumers since money can signify prestige.…show more content…
This way of behaving usually happen to the rich people who love to spend lavishly. Considering that they are sort of branded obsession, the rich people is likely to show the power by buying branded materials and not only the simple brand materials. By way of example, there are numbers of branded goods such as Armani, Charles & Keith, Channel, Gucci and Prada. This leisure interest which is shopping consequently can lead to different social status between people from the upper class and the lower class groups. Perhaps, the social gaps will not happen clearly if one is still at school. However, as the time passes by, this phenomenon could alleviate anyone’s status especially during the nation’s crisis; because one who is living in poverty will get affect more than one who lives in luxury. And so, that is why money can be as a symbol of power to some people thus it is also could make the social gaps happen

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