Essay On Money In The Great Gatsby

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Money is not a thing that everyone has large amounts of starting from birth. Some people have to work very hard for their income, but for some, the money they receive may have been from family inheritance, a wealthy lineage, or possibly some off-chance of their parents winning the lottery. In The Great Gatsby, Nick was taught at a young age not to judge people for what they have and do not have, but rather shown how you can have a good life without as much money as the people of East Egg, him being raised in Mid-West Egg in Minnesota. His father had said to him “’Whenever you feel like criticizing any one,” he told me, “just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages you have.’” (Fitzgerald 1). This is a good piece of advice, because not only is it teaching people not to judge others for materialistic reasons or…show more content…
Many like to seem superior due to materialistic objects, such as having a lot of money. But, what does money prove to anyone? It tells you nothing about who people actually are. There should not be people who think that any one person is better than another only for the amount of money they or their family have and are worth. The wealthiest person on the planet may be someone who thinks people are not as important as money, and might also be a very selfish person, only holding close to the items they buy. The poorest people could possibly be the most generous, they may cherish the simple aspects of life, and also not feel so envious of people due to not having a great amount of money. For example, if you’re rich and you are sick, you might just go to the doctor and get medicine. Problem solved, correct? If you’re poor, you cannot go to the doctor, cannot pay for medicine, cannot fix the problem, and nothing is solved. But, those people without money would give away their own shoes to people who are homeless, where the rich ones wouldn’t even give them a
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