Essay On Money Is The Root Causes Of Unhappiness

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Essay: Money is the root causes of all unhappiness in the world. As said by wolf (2003) the love of money for its own good sake is the root of all evils. Human in this whole universe cannot strive without money as it is a necessary which every individual gets their basic necessities like clothing, food, shelter and even luxuries in exchange for it. And everyone in this world has the basic urges to acquire and possess more money than anything else. Though it is one of the basic wants of the human being, with which we can live our life but nowadays it had become more important to our life happily. And it is also the main cause of evils and unhappiness, which drags our life into miserable and unimaginable situations. Moreover, it is major cause of conflicts, chaos and disorders in this living world. And the possession of huge amount of money makes the person miser, inconsiderate and a cruel man. So despite its benefits, money brings more negative impacts than the positive. Money is indeed, a source of satisfaction and contentment, which makes our life happier…show more content…
In the other hand not all people are money grabbing bankers but the majority of the people are good hearted who are preparing to give away their small amount of cash to help the charities and in that way the wealthy people can help people who are poor enough. And in this world every individual person should be satisfied with what they have. So to argue everyone that every person should be contented with what we one possess and not to desire for money, as one have already suffered from its possession, and derived unhappiness and evil from it. So to say once again that money is the root cause of all evil and unhappiness in the world and encourage the entire human to know the limits and try to possess a very little amount of money which is just sufficient for our basic survival, money is an evil which makes us

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