Essay On Montessori Approach

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Introduction In Singapore, there are many different curriculum approaches for schools which provide early childhood care and education to adopt, depending on which they believe is best in helping to develop and educate early learners. Out of the many curriculum approaches available, I would like to touch on the ‘Montessori’ and the ‘Theory of Multiple Intelligences’ approach.
Montessori: Introduction The ‘Montessori’ approach was built up based on the belief that children could excel as long as they are given a prepared environment to learn in, without having their learning confined, which would shape them to be self-motivated, analytical and enthusiastic learners. ( Its founder,
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This is an organized and peaceful environment specially catered to the needs of the children who, as independent learners, have the freedom to pick from and participate in the many different activities available which interest them and work at their individual’s pace. ( As the children are able to explore only things which intrigue them, at their own pace, they would naturally develop a love for learning.…show more content…
This is because Montessori teaches children to explore independently and work on activities which interest them and guidance is given only to a certain extent when help is needed. I feel that this would actually bring out the inquisitive nature in them for they would be intrigued by the activities which they choose to discover more about. Also, without giving the children any test or examination, there would be significantly less competitiveness in the class. I believe that all these would in turn allow the children to develop a love for learning, which is very important in
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