Essay On Montessori Education

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In his essay, Freire talks about education being similar to political oppression because students don 't get to take part. He believes that the student and the teacher should learn from each other, similar to the Montessori learning style. Montessori classrooms typically provide hands-on activities and they allow the student to be creative. When I was growing up I went to a Montessori school, and I can personally say that the hands-on learning helped me a lot because I think that I can learn better if I actually practice the task that is given to me. I think that students will learn better if they get to practice school work in class, instead of the teacher doing all of the work. A Montessori style education based on student-led learning where the student engages him or herself has proven to lead to success since introductory by Maria…show more content…
It is a very fun way of learning, while it is also educational. Montessori has many perks to its system, including being able to work in a group with other students, or working on your own. Also, students have been proven to do better in some subjects, compared to non-Montessori students. According to Samarrai, "Among the 5-year olds, Montessori students proved to be significantly better prepared for elementary school in reading and math skills than the non-Montessori children (par. 9)." While students are also prepared for elementary school reading and math levels, students also did better with their social and behavioral tests. Samarrai states, "On the playground, students were much more likely to engage in emotionally positive play with peers and less likely to engage in rough play (par. 10)." Montessori is one of the most effective learning methods because students get the chance to be creative, they are proven to do better with reading, math, and their social skills and their behavior is significantly better in a Montessori learning
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