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Ever since Moon Shadow was a little boy he wanted to go to the Golden Mountain. But his mother didn’t allow him to, only his father would leave home to work in the demon land. Growing up his mother would never answer any of his questions about the demon land. But the reason she would never talk about it was because she was scared. Finally after a while his grandmother started to feel sorry for him and told Moon some things about the Golden Mountain. He got to learn about the demons and how they would beat their men if they try to take the gold. Even while hearing stories about his father he had never seen him, he also tried to picture him for his mother and grandmother descriptions. Moon started to feel afraid of the Golden Mountain and of course his father. During the end of Chapter 1 he…show more content…
Moon is happy when they arrive at build by the Tang people. The houses and stores remind him of villages in Canton, the city in China he sailed from. The men of the Company point out the stores to Moon Shadow, including the Lee family. Moon remarks that there were no women on the streets, explaining that most Tang women in America were of the wives of wealthy merchants. Moon explains that Tang men can and do have multiple names throughout a lifetime. Windrider shows Moon there room. It is filled with small machines that are foreign to Moon. Moon starts to get the funny’s from the electric devices Windrider has. Windrider and Moon Shadow make a promise to learn from each other. WIndrider decides to tell them about his name. His memory comes from the first night he spent in America. Moon Shadow reflects on the business of the Company. He considers the men his business partners or friends. They have a daily routine which is not much different than he kept on the family farm in China. Other than the chores Moon goes to a special school for Ten children that is in bad
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