Essay On Moral Values In Malaysia

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The diversity of culture and religion in Malaysia is not a threat to the integrity of our society as long as a core of shared values and institutions — constitutions, the democratic way of life and mutual tolerance are respected. The shared memory and mutual aid are rich resources of moral voices. To build our moral foundations is to bring our regard for individuals and their rights into a better relationship with our sense of personal and collective responsibilities. We must, therefore, begin with the institutions of our society. It follows then that work places should provide maximum flexible opportunities to parents to preserve an important part of their time and energy to attend to their educational-moral duties, for the sake of the next…show more content…
The burden on low-income families, when RM2, 000 a month, is especially heavy. Therefore, it is very important to rethink our welfare systematic make less then and put in place a proper policy to insure that citizens are able to satisfy their basic needs such as (shelter, education and health care). The government must ensure wellbeing of citizens by providing, regardless of income, child care, schooling and health care. The examples of moral values in Malaysia is Proper education and childhood are the crucial investment to sustain the society in future, when education becomes an impossible task, the ability to justify good and bad is in ambiguity among adolescent’s thus making them fragile to the environmental influences which are rather in the form of “survival of the fittest” these days in the competitive world of ours. Together lack of education from both the family and the society contributes to increases the tendency of lads becoming violent. Economy does not only reflect incomes and losses, economic instability very much contributes to poverty and poverty could be the driving force towards violence for certain individuals who struggle towards earning a living to make end meet, the economic instability once again affirms the

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