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Morality is the judgment of behavior between what is right and wrong. It is the concept of moral identity, human’s behavior, and conscience. It is living according to a moral code and principles of human from right and wrong. Morality is objective because the set of moral judgments is not just true from a person's subjective opinion but factually true. We have this unspoken law which is the natural law, where it govern human behavior are from the nature of human beings and the nature of the world, objective because morality is based on facts and not from personal feelings, beliefs, and opinions. Objective morality means that there are set rules for behavior that cannot be changed.

The difference between Morality and Ethics is, morality is objective and ethics is subjective. Morality is based on the nature of humans of right and wrong while in
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The world has its own law and rules, not created by man, but by the nature. When a person decides whether it is morally right or wrong from their own, where did they get the fact that the action is right or wrong? Where did they get the idea that the action is moral? Morality is decided based on the natural law existing in humans. Even if humans have their own beliefs whether it may be right for them and not for others, where did they get the idea of right and wrong from in their perspective? Even if all people doesn't agree on common moral law, there still an unspoken law existing not just in our own minds. Even if all humans have their own principle and values that what they see as good or bad, there still the concept and idea of right from wrong. Humans cannot judge any acts as an evil or good because it was simply from others perspective. Everything is not based from one perspective whether it is good or bad for them. It doesn't mean that you don't believe in something then it would not

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