Absolute Moral Values

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According to ancient philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and many others, humans have absolute moral values; the determination of what is right and wrong is present in all of us. Although humans have an innate feeling of what is good and bad, learning, analyzing, and understanding absolute values from other people and the media is crucial to human growth and the strive towards being a virtuous person; relying just on ourselves is not enough to achieve a moral understanding of moral values.
Since ancient times, the human race has been teaching the concept of goodness; oral traditions in order to pass down knowledge and written media such as religious bibles and textbooks are some of the many ways that humanity presents their philosophies.
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Adding and further explaining the teachings of parents, rewarding and disciplining is one of the ways parents show their kids that good behavior amount to rewards and bad behavior amount to restriction and regulation. When siblings argue over a toy, the toy is often time taken away from them, thus telling the children that if they fight over toys, their toys will be taken away. When kids do what their parents are told such as clean, or being nice to each other, they are rewarded with ice cream or other forms of enjoyment. Children will then realize that performing good deeds will lead them to rewards. In a much more adult scenario, employees who work hard in their occupations may be awarded a raise in their salaries or a raise in their positions, but if employees do poorly in their jobs or violate a rule in the company, they may be fired. Another way of teaching morality is showing that moral actions prevent harm to one another a create a better and safe environment for the community. Throwing away trash in respected bins will create a clean environment and less pollution which will contribute to health by preventing diseases. Following the law keeps the community safe from dangers. Conversely, when a murder happens in the community, it will create a sense of fear. There are many ways in which morality and goodness are educated among individuals and these teachings affect the attitudes of the
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