Essay On Morning Sickness

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SEVEN WAYS TO COPE WITH MORNING SICKNESS Pregnancy is the most joyous time of your life. You are expecting a peaceful period with sprinkles of immense happiness. But you might change your mind when morning sickness knocks on your door and you are not prepared to ease it. Congratulations, you are pregnant. You know that your body is changing, right? You know that your hormones reach the sky, your sense of smell sharpens and your digestive muscles just relax? If you know all this, then you are probably ready for the morning sickness, or the mid-day sickness or whenever it comes to you. And now you start worrying that your baby doesn’t get all the necessary nutrients, because you occasionally or constantly feel nauseous or you vomit. Cheer up and bear in mind that it’s all normal and natural, and your body provides all that your baby needs. The good thing is that…show more content…
Whatever works for you, the most important thing is to have an open mind and to ease the symptoms of morning sickness. • Consider taking meds- You might end up having hard time to ease your symptoms naturally. Never hesitate to call your doctor or to see your midwife. They can always prescribe you suitable pregnancy medicine that prevents or eases morning sickness. You shouldn’t worry about the effects of the medicine, because the exhausting nausea and vomiting affects you and your baby. By taking prescribed medicines not only you, but also your baby will find relief. • Let yourself get distracted- Whenever you experience nausea or an urge to vomit, try and think of something that currently occupies your mind besides the pregnancy. Sometimes it works if you set your mind on something else and ignore the morning sickness altogether. Nausea is not an easy thing to ignore, but a good book or an entertaining crossword might
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