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Mortar is a workable paste of cement, sand and water which is used to fill the irregular gaps, voids and bind the masonry units together. The cement mortar is also used in plastering of wall structures in order to give a smooth finish and protect the structure. But cement plaster possesses low strength, absorbs more water and large number of pollutants from the atmosphere and deteriorate the structure which leads to surface cracks and damping. Thus in order to suppress these defects, cement plaster is added with nanomaterial and pozzolanic materials. The aim of this thesis is at making and studying the different strength properties of cement mortar and modified mortar. Also this study helps in reduction of carbon dioxide emission in the atmosphere due to the addition of ground granulated blast furnace slag and fly…show more content…
Mortar is one of the most widely used construction material, it is usually associated with Portland cement as the main component for making cement mortar. To produce mortar, Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) is conventionally used as the primary binder.
Although Portland cement production is a major contributor to CO2 emissions and global warming is caused by the emission of greenhouse gases, such as carbon-di-oxide, to the atmosphere by human activities. These efforts include the utilization of supplementary cementing materials such as fly ash, GGBS and finding alternative binders to Portland cement. The by-product of burning coal, iron and steel is used as a substitute for Ordinary Portland cement to produce mortar due to the abundant availability of fly ash and GGBS.
A new building material which both cleans itself and filters pollutants out of the air around has been popping up on new infrastructure in recent months. The self-cleaning materials are a potential approach to make the city cleaner by reducing the air

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